ISO 27001 Information Security Management System What is ISMS?
Today, information assets to be protected have become even more important. For this reason, there is a standard that manages this business in the world for the protection of information assets. This standard is ISO / IEC 27001, thanks to this periodically updated standard, it is now possible for all your information assets to be safely protected within a certain standard. It is the only international auditable standard that defines the requirements of Information Security Management System (ISMS). ISO 27001 requires organizations to prepare risk management and risk processing plans, duties and responsibilities, business continuity plans, emergency incident management procedures and keep records of them in practice.
As our company, we helped our customers to protect their information in this standard by conducting these inspections in more than 500 organizations in the field of ISMS. Our company's expert teams working in the field of ISO 27001 in many organizations such as public institutions, private companies, universities and municipalities will provide you with the most valuable services in this field.

How Is ISO 27001 Information Security System? We install

  • We provide classification of your assets
  • Assets are evaluated according to confidentiality, integrity and accessibility criteria,
  • Risk analysis map is prepared
  • The audits to be applied according to the risk analysis outputs are determined,
  • Documentation design and analysis is done,
  • Required controls are reviewed and implemented,
  • Internal audit activities are carried out.
  • Keeping records
  • Management review and analysis
  • Transition to the certification phase