National Keep - NK Bilişim Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti. Turkey - The circus is a special cyber security in Ankara. All studies and references of the company are kept confidential. Companies in the Republic of Turkey to act according to the laws and regulations in this respect and never compromise on illegal business associates. The company may impose a denial of service or service to any of its customers, for whom it works or has been interviewed to work. For this reason, you may not be able to access both the web page and other services it provides. You may encounter a possible block while logging in to our website from your institution's internet network. This situation is an indication of an illegal transaction between your institution and the company. For this, you need to contact the legal departments of our company.
The company carries out serious attack simulations and many heavy tests in the field of cyber security. However, it may refuse to provide service despite problems that may arise due to the nature of the systems.

Issues regarding denial of service;

  • All individual requests,
  • All non-contractual requests,
  • All requests that may prevent a system from working,
  • Demands that may occur on the systems of another Nation, the State,
  • Illegal money relations, transfers
  • Embargoed countries in the world and the creation of illegal trade relations with these countries,
  • All illegal procurement methods,
  • All kinds of initiatives and activities that may hinder the Turkish and world competition system.