National Keep - NK Bilişim Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti. Turkey - PEARSON VUE testing center in the center of Ankara. Within the scope of the agreements of PEARSON VUE with our company, we are the test center of many international brands and values. In 2019 alone, 2,800 people came to our exam center, took their exams and were awarded a certificate.

Questions and Answers About My Testing Center

  • Can we, as the test center, change the dates of the exams for which we register?

*You can change the dates of the exams that we have registered yourself from the portals of the company that holds the exam (Cisco, Microsoft, etc.). As an examination center, we do not have any authority in this regard.

  • Can we give all the exams in the VUE system?

*In the VUE system, we can only give the exams that VUE has defined for us. When you want to determine an exam place for this, if our name appears in the Ankara Exam Center area, it means that you can take that exam in our exam center.

  • Can the exam center rules change from exam to exam?

*All exams in the VUE system have different security rules, while many exam manufacturers apply these rules very strictly, while some exam manufacturers can accept you for the exam as an openbook. For this, you should read the rules section of your exam generator very well.