As a company that has successfully performed the load tests of hundreds of different applications in 10 years, our company lives the rightful pride of its place in our country in the field of load tests. Thanks to the load tests we perform with the systems and applications of dozens of different companies and public institutions, our customers can instantly analyze how much load you can handle the systems and applications they have developed and obtain analysis results from many vectors. Based on this, we create virtual user traffic by simulating all the movements of a user on the entire application during our tests. During the load created by these users, we can get the chance to measure the ram, disk and capacity information of the servers. In the light of these results, analyzing your existing systems with both symmetrical and asymmetrical load tests allows you to open your application to the user safely.

As National Keep, you can now manage your ISO 27001 processes from a single center and conclude your audits in the fastest time and at the least inappropriate thanks to our software product that we have developed and is 100% domestic.

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