Our company broke a hard-to-break record in static code analysis by analyzing the source code of applications developed on a total of 5,400 different platforms both in our country and in various countries around the world. In this field, all of the findings obtained in the test studies we have done by blending our own software experts with secure software development techniques (False Positive) are extracted from the definitions and delivered to you with reports containing the security measures to be taken. Our company works with products such as Checkmarks, Fortify, SonarQube, VeraCode and IBM APPSCAN.

The important point here is that some testers say that they test the code analysis with their own techniques and methods. This is definitely not possible and it is not possible for a human to test millions of lines of code on standard surfaces such as PCIDSS, HIPA, NIST etc. Testing applications can analyze the entire structure of the code, starting from the compilation phase, with standards such as PCIDSS, HIPA, NIST, etc., and produce results from many vectors.

As our company, we can test code analysis remotely in your system or in our own central laboratories. It is of great importance that the secure money transfer applications you have developed, the trust stamp tests and all your applications that will be broadcast live pass these tests until the last moment.

As National Keep, you can now manage your ISO 27001 processes from a single center and conclude your audits in the fastest time and at the least inappropriate thanks to our software product that we have developed and is 100% domestic.

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