Our company and its experts receive trainings at various times during the year through SCADA manufacturers or companies authorized by them to analyze SCADA's architectures, working principles and cyber security risks. Our company in our country is the largest SCADA cyber security testing company that makes category, Turkey's "EPDK" Energy Market Regulatory Authority "as established under the regulations published by the organization that knows and SCADA guide described the general characteristics of the company that will test their systems and they fit exactly. Mentioned in this guide

  • TSE 13638 Class A Cyber Security Service Company
  • 1 GICSP Certificate
  • 1 Comptia Security + Certificate
  • 4 SCADA Training Certificates given by the Manufacturer
  • 1 CEH Certificate
  • 4 OSCP Certificates
  • 1 GPEN Certificate
  • 1 TSE Senior WEB and NETWORK Systems Certificate
  • 2 TSE Certified WEB and NETWORK Systems Certificate

It has all the certificates. Therefore, by analyzing your existing SCADA systems in a safe way, you can obtain results in accordance with EPDK's regulations. Since SCADA security is of great importance due to its nature, such tests should be performed only by experts and should not be relyed on under the stairs solutions. In order not to encounter results such as the tests performed on your live systems, the instability of the systems, producing wrong results and these situations becoming permanent, you should choose organizations that are experts in this field.

National Keep olarak, geliştirdiğimiz ve yüzde yüz yerli olan yazılım ürünümüz sayesinde artık ISO 27001 süreçlerinizi tek merkezden yönetebilir ve denetimlerinizi en hızlı şekilde aynı zamanda en az uygunsuzlukla sonuçlandırabilirsiniz.

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