As our company National Keep, we provide consultancy services in many organizations in our country in the field of KVKK. In this context, we successfully continue our KVKK process management services with many private companies such as public institutions, ministries, municipalities and universities. However, as a negative feature of today's commercial markets, there are opinions that only legal consultancy will be obtained in this field. Unfortunately, this KVKK is a service that can emerge with a muscle power that the informatics and law fields can create together. For this reason, together with our expert legal team, we provide qualified services to our customers.

So what are we doing?
Within the scope of law and regulation numbered 6698, we examine in detail all the assets of your organization containing personal information, in this context, we question the existence of technical and administrative measures. On the other hand, we keep your current data map up-to-date by making a data inventory. It should not be forgotten that KVKK is an adaptation process. For example, your current structure may be suitable for the KVVK process this year, but this compliance may weaken in the future. For this reason, these processes should be reviewed at least once a year.