Although our company has carried out serious tests on DDOS tests in our country since 2010, it has been performing service interruption tests in areas such as public institutions, law enforcement agencies, money transfer companies and banks, and tests live attacks against possible service interruption attacks in hundreds of customers. Since these tests are carried out only special contracts, there is no out of contract test case. As our company, we are carrying out nearly 60 DdoS attacks on the Internet. The most basic attacks are SYN Flood, DNS Flood, UDP flood and HTTP Flood attacks. In this sense, with the services we provide, we can ensure that the target system is out of service by testing all valid DoS / DDoS methods for the target network as well as special techniques developed by us.

Components Tested Under DDoS

  • Edge Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IPS)
  • Load Balancer Systems
  • Web Servers (HTTP and HTTPS)
  • E-mail Servers and Spam Prevention Systems
  • DNS Servers
  • VPN Servers (SSL VPN, IPSEC VPN)
  • SIP Servers
  • Traffic Capacity of the Target System

​​​​​​​DDoS Test Types We Have Performed

  • Syn Flood Attacks
  • ACK Flood Attacks
  • FIN Flood Attacks
  • TCP Connection Flood Attacks
  • UDP Flood DDoS Attacks
  • ICMP Flood DDoS Attacks
  • HTTP GET, POST Flood Attacks
  • DNS Flood DDoS Attacks
  • Botnet Simulation
  • Rate Limiting, Testing Quarantine Features
  • Application-Specific DoS Tests
  • SSL, HTTPS DoS Tests

As National Keep, you can now manage your ISO 27001 processes from a single center and conclude your audits in the fastest time and at the least inappropriate thanks to our software product that we have developed and is 100% domestic.

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